Dear, Church 2022

In this series, from Revelation 1-3, you will learn to have ears to hear what the spirit is saying to the churches.  You will learn to understand the messages of revelation and apply them to your faith and life.

Everyday Saints

In this series, you will learn how to discover your identity in Christ and live your faith in a broken world.

Life-in-Christ is lived between Sundays, in everyday life. Learn how to respond to culture, friends, and family with the grace, peace, love, and hope of Jesus Christ. Whatever you do, do it for the Lord!

Join us each Sunday as we dig into Colossians and become everday saints.


Living Hope

This 9-sermon series will focus on experiencing HOPE in the midst of life’s difficulties and struggles, as taught in 1 Peter. In our culture, people are subjected to (surrounded by) dying hope. Hope has been replaced with hurt, abuse, trauma, lies, and despair.

During this series, we will learn to find our LIVING HOPE in a savior who has struggled and suffered, who has been sabotaged and betrayed, who was beaten and buried, but he claimed the final victory over dying hope by rising from the grave and inviting us to experience living hope.

More to the Story

In this 13-week sermon series, you will learn the message behind the parables of Jesus in Matthew, Mark, and Luke. Each week, we will read Jesus’ parable, consider its context, and apply the lesson to our lives.